The alliance of tradition and modernity is no unheeded word or apparent value at the Distillerie TESSENDIER.

Indeed, there are as many oak barrels in the hundred-year-old cellars illustrating an exemplary tradition as in the heart of the House’s new cellars, which were recently built under high technology standards in favour of eaux-de-vie storage. They represent the largest available stock in the Cognac region.


A large storage capacity

The Distillerie TESSENDIER has 15 000 small oak barrels coming from the Limousin forest, with a capacity of 350 to 400 liters each. The total storage capacity equals 115 000 hectolitres which represents potentially 15 to 20 million marketable bottles per year.


In all, the Distillerie TESSENDIER owns 14 cellars for a total area of 161 400 sq ft, part of a 12-acre property.


Thanks to an innovative approach based on adaptability, the company can meet the most demanding requests from its international customers while ensuring the availability of its products quickly and efficiently.

Stored in ageing cellars, hundreds of eaux-de-vies, coming from the six different growing areas and regrouping all the characteristics of the Cognac region, rest patiently.
These eaux-de-vie, which are sometimes more than a hundred years old, give the Cellar Master a unique and exceptional diversity of aromatic richness to make his blends.

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